All you need to know about Plantation Shutters


Plantation shutters are more than just a practical window covering, they are stylish, elegant and will add value to your property. They have become a popular choice of window furnishing for many Townsville homeowners due to their versatility.

If you are considering installing plantation shutters in your Townsville home, we have answered some FAQ’s below for you!


What type of Planation Shutters can you get?

Plantation shutters are an extremely versatile window & door furnishing, one of the main reasons is because they are available in a whole range of mounting options. We can supply shutters that are fixed, hinged, bi-folding or sliding depending on the area you require them for. Shutters don’t just need to be used for windows and doors they also make excellent room dividers!


What size blade is available for Plantation Shutters?

The most common size of blade for the plantation shutters is 89mm, the reason for this is if you have various window sizes in your home the 89mm blade doesn’t look out of place in large or small window openings. The other options are 63mm & 114mm blade sizes.


What colour options are there for internal shutters?

Plantation shutters are designed to be used in any room and in any style of home, for that reason the colours available for shutters have been kept to a minimum. We can advise you of the best colour for your home from Pure White, White, Antique White & Off White. Other colours are available on request.


Will plantation shutters last in the North Queensland climate?

Plantation shutters are an extruded resin product that looks and feels like timber but will not warp, peel, split or shrink. Therefore, making it ideal to use in our hot and humid climate.


How do I maintain plantation shutters?

The beauty of installing plantation shutters to your home is that they are virtually maintenance free, they do not require stripping back, sanding or painting like traditional timber shutters. They best way to keep your shutters looking bright and clean is the wipe them over semi-regularly with a microfiber cloth or dust cloth, initially use a dry cloth to remove most of the surface dust. If you have any stubborn marks that need to be removed, you can use a damn cloth on these and then wipe over with a dry cloth once you have finished.


How do I find out more about plantation shutters?

To arrange your free in-home shutter consultation in with one of our experienced team members contact us today on 07 4725 2527 or complete the form on our webpage You can be sure with our wide range of options we can fit with your style and budget.

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