Why Crimsafe is the best security solution

If you are looking to improve or add security to your home. How do you know which product is best?

In order to determine which product is the best you need to look at their track record. This is where the standout becomes clear – Crimsafe! But why is that? Why are Crimsafe products the best security screens on the market? Well, we have done the research for you so you can understand why.


Crimsafe security screens are built with innovation and strength!

You might have heard that Crimsafe security screens use a patented method in their construction. But what does that mean? Basically, it means that Crimsafe security screens are put together using an innovative approach that is unique to Crimsafe security screens alone. What is the method? It’s called Screw-Clamp™ technology. And it is as close as you can get to impenetrable! The Screw-Clamp™ method fixes the one shortfall that has plagued security screens for decades; weak screen joins.

In a lot of security screens, the point at which the mesh joins the frame is a weakness. Sometimes, intruders can use that weakness to kick out the screen and gain entry to your home. But not with Crimsafe security screens!  Better still, the mesh used in Crimsafe is thicker, stronger stainless steel!


Crimsafe security screens have you covered for fire safety

If you can’t break in, then you can’t break out right? Wrong! Crimsafe security screens keep intruders out of your house and in an emergency, they have a safeguard product to let you out, it’s called the Safe-S-Cape!

This product is unique to Crimsafe and it is the ultimate in fire safety. Basically, it is a special hinge configuration that allows your security screen to open from the inside in an emergency. But don’t worry, it can’t be accessed from outside your home.


Crimsafe security screens can make your home more energy efficient

Crimsafe security screens can reduce your energy expenditure around the house by reducing the radiant heat and direct sunlight that penetrates your home! Openings where your doors and windows sit account for up to 40% of household heat gain or loss. That’s almost half of your home’s heating coming and going from doors and windows alone.

By installing Crimsafe security screens, you can slow this quite considerably. During those hot summer nights, you can leave your doors and windows open, safe in the knowledge that your Crimsafe security screens are standing guard. That way, you can enjoy those cool breezes, without worrying about security.


Crimsafe security screens can be customised to meet your needs

You’ve been out and had a look at some security screen options. There are a few contenders at first, but then you realise that they are a one size fits all affair. That doesn’t sound like the sort of tailored security solution you are looking for. So, where do you go now? Easy – Shadeview for Crimsafe security screens! Shadeview have a large workshop where we custom make Crimsafe security doors and windows for any space. There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to Shadeview’s Crimsafe security solutions.

So, get a free measure and quote in Townsville and surrounding areas today, for the best security solution on the market.

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