Child Safe Window Coverings

Choosing a child safe window covering

When selecting window coverings style and practicality may be at the top of your wish list but have you considered safety? Even household items such as window coverings can be potentially hazardous. Thankfully, at Shadeview we offer a large range of child safe window coverings.

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters have no cord or chain to operate them making them a child safe window covering, the different design options use either a control rod fixed to the blades or no control rod and you simply open and close the blades with your hand.

Chain Operated Roller Blinds

Chain operated roller blinds are still a very common window furnishing, in order to ensure that they are child safe they are installed using a safety cleat to secure the loose cords and chains out of reach from little hands.

LiteLift Roller Blinds

The LiteLift operation for roller blinds uses a spring system for enhanced safety. The  blinds can be lowered and raised using the bottom rail eliminating the need for cords or chains.

Motorised Blinds

Motorised blinds are controlled with a remote control therefore eliminating the use of chains or cords, there are many different control options such as a wall mounted control or a handheld control depending on what you prefer.

Vertical Blinds with Wand Operation

Traditionally vertical blinds were operated with cords however, we now offer a wand operated solution which is child safe.

Panel Glide Blinds with Wand Operation

Similarly, to the vertical blinds the panel glide blind is now controlled with a wand eliminating the use of cords or chains and making it the ideal covering for large windows or doors.

Still deciding whether to replace your existing blinds. If so, below are some things you can do to make your existing blinds child safe:

Move cots, playpens, furniture or any thing that can be climbed to an area without windows or window cords

Supervise children if they an in a room with cords that they can reach

Fix all long, loose or looped cords so they are out of your child’s reach

Buy child safety cleats from your local blind store with at least one screw hole to secure loose cords in a place that is out of your child’s reach


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