The Benefits of Installing Crimsafe Security Doors in Townsville

The first thing that comes to mind with “Crimsafe” is the protection from criminals. That isn’t the only reason, however, to consider installing these security doors in Townsville. It is a beautiful place to live, but there will always be issues you can’t escape no matter where you go.

There will be weather, pests, and crime to some extent in every neighbourhood. It’s a great idea to bolster your home with products that will protect you and your family.

If you’re looking to install some new screen doors for your home, here are some reasons why Crimsafe offers the best option.

Benefits of Crimsafe in Townsville

The Crimsafe brand has been putting out security products for everything from doors to windows to patio enclosures. They offer top of the line products with a variety of colours and styles to choose from so that you can protect your home in style.

If you’re looking to protect your entire home with Crimsafe products, Crimsafe works great with blinds in Townsville. Plantation shutters in Townsville will look even better when they’re Crimsafe-approved.

You can also install Crimsafe security with your roller blinds, custom-made blinds, and panel glide blinds. Don’t forget about aluminium awnings in Townsville, either. 

So besides looking great, what are the benefits of Crimsafe security doors in Townsville?

Protection from the Elements

Crimsafe products are high-quality products that can protect you and your home from the elements, not just criminals. In return, they help you save on power bills.

Crimsafe security doors can block 53% of the heat that would build up from the sun pouring through your glass doors and windows. This also means that they block UV up to 62%, which keeps your floors and furniture preserved from the sun and keeps heat out.

These security doors can also deter the spread of fire among buildings in the neighbourhood and between floors, and they act as barriers to debris flying around during a storm and even hail.

Increased Airflow

When you live in an area that experiences nice weather, it’s nice to enjoy keeping your windows and doors open. You can experience and benefits of increased airflow through your home and get fresh air without opening your home up to the elements, pests, and security threats.

Crimsafe security doors allow you to keep your doors open to let in the air and natural light while keeping everything else out!

This can also help make your house feel more spacious by making the outdoors part of your living space. 

No More Damage

Because Crimsafe products are meant to protect your home from intruders and the elements, they are built to be the most durable products on the market. They are made of woven stainless steel mesh that nothing can penetrate or cut through.

No one else has been able to weave .9mm security steel, making Crimsafe the ultimate product.

No more replacing your screens after someone walked into them or your dogs tore through them with their claws. You also won’t have to worry about corrosion because Crimsafe has tested its screens with simulations of over 30 years worth of environmental wear.

Instead of painting their products, they use a dry powder coating that is much more durable and withstands what regular paint cannot.

Crimsafe also offers a 10-year warranty on your screens if you need a replacement.

Insect Protection

Enjoying a beautiful Townsville day would be perfect without the bugs. With Crimsafe security doors, you can keep your doors open without letting the bugs in, finally. 

Crimsafe has the most intense weaving on the market that keeps even the smallest intruders outside. You’ll no longer have to deal with flies, beetles, mosquitos, and spiders entering your home while you’re trying to get some fresh air!

Reliable Security

Crimsafe’s priority is your security, so it’s imperative to mention all of the safety features of their doors. Crimsafe security doors have been bolstered from every angle to ensure your ultimate safety.

Crimsafe has a unique fastening system called the Screw-Clamp which makes the screws and metal clamps that hold your stainless steel mesh to your door tamper-resistant. These clamps and screws grip your mesh and frame to ensure resistance to any force, intentional or accidental.

Any blow from a criminal or debris will be evenly dispersed across the mesh so that there are no tears or pulls in your screen.

In addition, there is a snap-on cover that conceals all of your screws so they are protected from any tampering.

Safe for Emergency Exits

Even with all of this talk of strength and security, Crimsafe is made to allow for quick exits in the case of an emergency. Crimsafe uses its patented keyless exit system in some of its products so that you can safely exit at any time. This security measure does not compromise your protection from the outside at all, and it’s so simple that a child can easily use it!

No Compromise of Style or View

If you’re especially worried about your security, you may have considered installing bars or grilles on your doors and windows. Unfortunately, extra security usually means unsightly additions to your home’s architecture. Sometimes it causes safety concerns, and it can mean a decreased view of the outside. 

You can have an unobstructed view through your windows and doors and not compromise the style of your home with Crimsafe! 

Their screen doors work with hinged doors, french doors, stacking doors, bi-fold doors, and even single, double, or sliding doors. They also come in two levels of protection that you can choose: Crimsafe Classic or Crimsafe Ultimate.

Their are many standard colours to chose from but you can also order custom colours to match your home.

Install Your Security Doors in Townsville

Using Crimsafe in Townsville will be the best decision you’ve ever made for your home. Townsville shutters and regular doors will only do so much for your safety. Don’t hesitate any longer to keep your home and family safe and pest free.

Install your security doors in Townsville today by contacting Shadeview to book a free in-home measurement and quote!

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