10 Reasons Custom-Made Blinds Are Great For Your Home

We all want our homes to be distinctive and reflective of our personal tastes and styles. In seeking to add a distinctive touch to our homes, whether a new house or a renovation, one of the best methods is to add custom-made blinds.

While ready-made blinds are less expensive, they’re not always the best option. Not only do custom-made blinds add a design flair, but the benefits of this single upgrade also go well beyond beautification.

Get a Custom Fit

The number one reason to make this purchase is the guarantee that the blinds fit your windows. It’s like the difference between a tailored suit and one off the rack. Ready-made blinds come in set sizes, for standard windows, but in many homes, that’s just not enough.

In older homes and newer constructions, windows come in non-traditional sizes. Ready-made blinds need to be adjusted to fit. Custom-made indoor blinds ensure a proper fit so there are minimal gaps at the sides, top or bottom. 

Visually, the precise fit is certainly more appealing, but there’s more to it than that.

Increased Privacy and Security

While custom exterior options are also available, the exact fit of custom-made blinds ensures that when you close the blinds, you close off your interior.  Not only does this ensure privacy when you are home, but when you’re not, it means no one else can see inside either, improving your home security. 

Choose Your Own Design

Ready-made blinds have limited options in terms of colour, texture/material, style, and design. Custom-made blinds allow you to match not only your personal aesthetic, but you can also be creative in matching, updating, or invigorating your interior design. This simple addition can change the ambiance and feel of a room, regardless of the colour or design you might need.

Choose Your Own Style

Not only can you choose a unique design, but your indoor blind style options run from roman shades to standard vertical blinds, from panel glides to roller blinds. With custom-made blinds, these variables mean your customization opportunities are virtually limitless. 

Work with our knowledgeable staff to choose the style that best meets your needs whether that’s energy-efficiency, functionality, appearance, or a combination of those solutions. 

Be Green

Custom-made blinds increase energy efficiency, which can also save you money on energy bills. First, the custom fit ensures the sunlight stays out when you need it to. Keeping the heat out saves on cooling costs. On the other hand, certain styles like cellular blinds improve insulation and keep the heat in when needed. 

Energy efficiency isn’t the only way this solution is environmentally friendly. Ready-made blinds, when being cut to fit your windows, create waste. Custom-made blinds decrease waste by making treatments to the precise measurements needed. The durability of the products also ensures a long-lasting solution that doesn’t need regular replacement.

Higher Quality

Mass-produced products rarely reflect the time and effort displayed in a handmade custom product. Who among us hasn’t had a pull-string or cord snap, a panel break or crack, or even discoloration, when you’ve installed ready-made blinds. Custom-made blinds from Shadeview Blinds in Townsville reflect the care and quality of craftsmanship. 

Not only are they made from higher quality materials, but because it’s made to order, every care and effort is taken to make sure the final product exceeds your expectations. And, should you need your product adjusted, you get the same quality service.

Increase Your Home Value

Custom-made interior blinds undoubtedly increase the aesthetic value of your home. However, as a permanent addition to your home, improving and upgrading your window treatments is often listed as one of the best and quickest ways to increase your home’s value. They also have the potential to increase the equity in your home, especially if you’re looking to sell.

Custom Installation

Custom installation of your new blinds has value beyond the frustration of hanging your own fixtures. You get to skip the measuring, finding the tools, the drilling, and the potential aggravation of missteps. It saves you time and effort.

Further, professional installation of your custom interior blinds means the best fixtures and hardware, selected specifically for your window treatment. It guarantees the proper installation and fit and allows you to address any issues immediately.

Child Safety

The safety of our homes is important, but the safety of our families is even more vital. When considering home decor and design, we don’t often consider how our choices create additional risks within the home.

Ready-made blinds, by design and operation, can present potential hazards to small children. In contrast, Shadeview’s products, including custom-made electric blinds, come in multiple styles that are child-safe. 

Expert Assistance

From the original measurements to style and design assistance, from installation to service guarantees, you’ll get the expert advice you want and deserve. Expertise in the industry is invaluable in informing the decisions you make and understanding what’s available to meet all of your needs.

With help from the initial consultation and installation to any repairs you might need, expert assistance ensures the custom-made blinds you purchase are what you want and what your home needs. 

Where to Find Custom-made Blinds 

In Townsville, Shadeview Blinds is the natural choice for your home beautification project. Since 1985 they’ve provided the Queensland area with both interior and exterior custom window treatment solutions. Not only are the materials they select high quality and durable, but the design options also offer the opportunity to find the custom-made blinds that match your style and the style of your home.

If you’re looking for another reason to add custom-made blinds to your home, look no further. For the quality and craftsmanship you want and deserve, contact us today for your free quote and consultation.

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